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Maryland law requires each county in Maryland to have a Special Education Citizens’ Advisory Committee (SECAC). The law says:

13A.05.02.13.I Local Special Education Citizens’ Advisory Committee.

  1. Each local school system shall establish a special education citizens’ advisory committee to advise the local school system on the needs of students with disabilities within the jurisdiction.
  2. The Department shall annually allocate federal funds to each local school system to support the activities of the local special education citizen advisory committee.
  3. Each local school system shall submit a budget for the use of federal funds, consistent with §C(1)(a) of this regulation.

The specific functions of the Calvert SECAC are:

  • To advise and counsel the Calvert County Board of Education about the needs of children and youth with disabilities;
  • To advise and counsel on the relevancy of educational programs and related services to meet the needs of children and youth with disabilities;
  • To offer suggestions for the local proposed budget; and
  • To study specific issues and concerns of the Board of Education, concerned citizens, and parents.

Calvert SECAC's ROLE

Parents of children in Calvert County, Maryland who receive special education may participate on the Calvert County Special Education Citizens' Advisory Committee (SECAC), as can stakeholders within the community.

By sharing their unique perspective of what it is like to use these services, parents can help the district to be more effective. As a result, outcomes for children with disabilities should improve.